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Coneversations, negotiations and meetings are an integral part of running a company. Large corporations convene the board of directors before making important decisions to discuss strategy. Many times pulling members off holiday. In succour comes the internet again. Online conferencing, is an increasingly common form of corporate meetings, allowing for smooth internal company and contractor relations.
It is worth remembering the entertainment aspect of live coverage. Events of all kinds, from concerts to live broadcasts of matches, will allow you to reach a larger audience. This increases the possibility of attracting advertisers or sponsors. It is extremely important for local authorities or NGOs or foundations of all kinds.
Online streaming is an ideal tool to make a company's offer more attractive, to provide news about the latest activities, to improve communication and to give unlimited scope for online education. 

Everyday life shows us that the so-called live transmission is not reserved for large television crews equipped with transmission trucks. The use of this tool by entities such as web TV, companies, film studios or ordinary people has become standard.

Who can use live streaming? 

The answer is 'everyone'. There is no need to stock up on broadcast equipment. All you need is a mobile phone. Whether you are reviewing technology gadgets or running a beauty business, a smartphone will allow you to establish a direct relationship with your customers and answer their questions by conducting an unboxing of your new headphones or a line-up of your new face cream. Reality has shown that people are 'hungry for knowledge' all the time, regardless of the form in which it is delivered. E-learning is not just the domain of schools and universities.


Live streaming offer

How to stream

Given the increasing competitiveness of streaming, we are aware of online streaming's challenges and the expectations that audiences have. It is not enough to turn on your phone or the webcam on your laptop to be noticed and listened to. In addition to perfectly prepared content, a refined form of presentation is essential.

What do we have on offer and what is the procedure?

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We start by talking about the ex[ectations. What should streaming be about? What platforms will be used?What kind of audience should it reach? We present our offer, based on prior consultation. We select the best tools for the specific implementation and agree with the client on the conditions under which the live stream will be carried out. Przedstawiamy naszą propozycję, w oparciu o wcześniejszą konsultację. Dobieramy narzędzia najodpowiedniejsze pod konkretną realizację. Ustalamy warunki z klientem, na jakich zostanie przeprowadzona realizacja. 

Regardless of the level sophistication, thanks to our knowledge and commitment, we are ready to take on any challenge. The instruments we use  - led lightning, Roland mixers, cameras, wireless sound - allows us to turn your expectations into a finished product that reaches your audience in an attractive form.

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A well-lit frame, impeccable sound are the foundations on which every live is based. However, live streaming, due to the fact that it happens here and now, tends to have surprises, not necessarily pleasant ones. Therefore, solid preparation is important. You don't need to spend your spare moments poring over tutorials. Focus on the content of the implementation and leave it to us.

What is the best way to live stream? There is no tried and tested method that will take the whole process from A to Z. Due to its spontaneity, it is a malleable form, so each realisation is approached individually.