15 June 2022

 Chapter 1. How to earn money on TikTok?
 Do not create advertisements, make… TikToks!

Ludzie Tikokerzy



TikTok did not seem like a serious communication tool, its simplicity and spontaneity were reserved for children and young people, at least in its early days. Now looking at the posts, the graphs and, most importantly, the number of users, TikTok is an undisputed phenomenon. There is no need to reinvent the wheel that consumption is driven by kids' whims as much as needs. They are the ones who can ask and even terrorise their parents, just for a gadget like the TikToker presented. Therefore, treating this app lightly is a mistake, if not a good old shot in the marketing foot. If there is still any doubt, just log in and see what giant corporations have accounts there. Where does the evanescence of this app come from? Just a glance at the figures.
In 2016, Chinese company ByteDance creates TikTok. In 2017, ByteDance, buys out, popular in Europe and the States, for... a billion dollars. $1,000,000,000 - or so. 41% of the percentage of users are aged 16-24 (via the most popular encyclopaedia on the web). On 04. 2020, the app is already used by around 2 billion people worldwide. Most importantly, it is already the most downloaded app in the world. It is now 2022, if the calendar is to be believed, and TikTok is not slowing down its expansion. What's next?
Expansion is a rather pejorative word, but it is worth finding good things in such cases too. Dry facts supported by figures have been presented above. After all, at the end of the day, it is all about the sums in your account. So how do we make them flow into our account? It is worth spending time and energy on developing a specific promotional strategy based on this tool. This is what the big lifestyle brands have done. The light form of TikToks makes the video marketing served up by Influencers on TikTok reach young people who expect innovation and sincerity. These are the sneakers young people want to wear, these are the drinks they crave, and these are the cosmetics young people trust - the authentic ones used by the representatives of their generation, the tiktokers.
Influencers, the profession that is often downplayed by serious marketers under tightly knotted ties and pin-striped suits, are increasingly gaining ground. There have been a number of serious academic papers and articles in trade journals that make it clear that the influencer should not be regarded as a pest in today's culture, or at least as a necessary evil. It is, therefore, worth establishing cooperation with such a person, so that with their image they support the choice of our product - the so-called social proof of rightness. This is because nowadays authority is a relic and the hierarchical order of society is becoming a thing of the past (but, let's leave that to sociologists), and the recipients, the CUSTOMERS, are looking for what is authentic. This is given to them by influencers, whose popularity is somehow organic, and not, as in the case of celebrities, whose fame is artificially fuelled by gargantuan corporations associated with the old order.
Freshness, sincerity and authenticity are the key words of today's promotional strategy, and video marketing entrusted to creative specialists who know today's trends is almost a guarantee of success. Therefore, no matter whether you are selling bagels at the bus shelter or the latest model of sneakers in which the next basketball star is running around, it simply pays to invest in TikTok.
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