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21 June 2022

Chapter 2. Lay back and make virals go viral.

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This time, this post will be, quick, simple and to the point. Exactly like viral marketing. In the simplest terms, this is usually videos, memes or slogans. They should be simple, and catchy like a melody.


No one will believe any more that aftershave cream will make every guy an Ursus (that super hero, not a tractor), and heel balm won't make armies of handsome men fall to their feet in front of the lady who used it. Sincerity, surprise and a non-obvious punchline are important. The creators of such iconic viral videos as Jean Claude Van Damme doing twine on two VOLVO Tirais or the marketing geniuses at Zippo knew this, when they picked up on and mercilessly exploited the fact that the Olympic torch, which had gone out, was lit again by an "ordinary man" using a Zippo lighter. This is also known to the likes of the wild coaches who, in an uncompromising style, share their views, gaining more and more coverage which, after all, can be put to good use.

In viral marketing, the form and content seem extremely simple. They seem very authentic. However, creating a well-spread viral is a different pair of calicoes. Often there are hosts of clever heads working on it, hordes of insatiable marketers who will give themselves a cut for another like. Unfortunately, there are times when, in the end, the viewer senses that it's a mere cringe. 
Are there any ready recipes for a good viral? Well yes but no. It is important to remember to be authentic, to keep your finger on the pulse of current trends, and sometimes to plug into current events that have stirred up a lot of emotion. It is a good idea to consult the finished idea... not with the boss, but with younger siblings or cousins. The kids will know in a flash if it's lit or the dog's breakfast. 
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