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22 June 2022

Chapter 3. Insta Stories. Is it a good way to communicate with the client?


How to interest your client with YOUR product?

The time of calling customers with a presentation of goods, or emails proposing a service, has long since passed into history. Not to mention canvassing. Besides, such activities are often associated with intrusive telemarketing and spam, which only irritates the recipient. Such methods are unequivocally associated pejoratively by their artificial and forced nature. Most departments in charge of promotion are aware of this and are looking for alternatives that are more organic and that, in a natural and unforced way, make the recipients enter into a dialogue with the brands. So how do you create such a relationship?

Stories is the key word! Facebook shared the tool. What is a Facebook report? Short video clips or a photo that only allows you to view them for 24 hours. One 24-hour period? Plus not a very elaborate video. Why so short? Metaphorically speaking, it is a kind of fatal function of this platform. What does the Facebook relationship provide? It simply sustains a 'dialogue' with the viewer. Many brands, from the micro ones to the largest corporations use this form to wave to the viewer and let them know "hey we're here". This way, it doesn't take a large investment of money and time to throw something into the coverage that might pique a potential customer's interest. For example, a clothing company inserts a picture of a fabric pattern into the coverage that creates an interesting abstract pattern. Mere curiosity about what this might already engage the user in some way.
How do you draw the recipient in, even more? How do we enter into dialogue with him? Is there a way to make him respond to us? Instagram, Facebook's little brother, comes to our aid. But again, this raises another question: what is the Instagram Stories? How to use Insta Stories, to bring tangible benefits to the brand. In this field, IG (short for Instagram) offers a whole toolbox. It helps to carry out brand promotion activities in unprecedented ways. One mechanism for engaging audiences is polls on instastories. For example, a footwear brand shares new designs through the relationship, encouraging the viewer to give their opinion on which alternative they think should go on sale regularly. In this way, we create an environment in which the 'clicker' has a real sense of influence on the strategy of the aforementioned brand, with the result that he or she may become a customer of that company, due to the awareness of actively participating in its actions. After all, nothing is as engaging as 'co-authorship'. It is also worth remembering the preference slider, which also gives the impression of participation; after all, the user has taken a physical action - he or she has moved his or her finger. Do not forget hashtags, locations. Or brand mentions, this is another way that can bring the company another lead in a non-intrusive way. A good solution is to share an intriguing photo, a video, which visually delights the viewer and, when clicked on, takes them to a specific brand page.
Companies are increasingly using these short forms, most often to build brand awareness, explore market needs, or as part of a more elaborate strategy. In this case, imagination is the limit. So, grab a... smartphone and fight for the customer!


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