07 June 2022

Content marketing - is it a new, virtual world?
Wickert himself began his career as a director as early as high school..
His film „Chalk Warfare” was watched by more than 150 million people. 

Content marketing przykłady

I can, in some way, agree that content marketing is a virtual world, but this is the reality of the e-commerce market today. Companies can't keep up with technology, which is incredibly rushing. Marketing strategy is still considered to be a toe in the water. In the film „Chalk Warfare” indeed, the film's plethora of special effects and storyline bring us into a virtual world, but not so completely. Building content marketing we also form a kind of created reality for social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram. At the end of the day, it's about advertising our products or building brand awareness online. The film 'Chalk Warfare' was mainly created by observing Instagram and its actual created reality. What is content marketing and what role does it play nowadays? Introducing content marketing examples.


One example are short commercials lasting between 5 seconds and 1 minute. They are mainly used on social media and Youtube. Social media for marketing also include packshots, but this is not the end of the virtual journey. The virtual journey ends with the addition of text to web pages, where well-thought-out keywords play a major role. Here, again, it starts to feel a little virtual, but it is not fiction. Although you can't see most of the keywords because they are hidden in the meta tags or meta titles of the sub-pages, these are accessible to programmers and google bots or web designers.

Is effective copywriting - custom texts for social networkers - a worthwhile investment? As they say, "Solomon can never write himself out of thin air". 




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