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Promotional video

why everybody needs it?

Advertising is the key to business


Today, commerce is not just about the salesman from the neighbourhood grocery shop or the car dealer. Commerce is also a service, a watchmaker, an architect or an influencer are also traders. They sell their skills and knowledge, in which they have at least invested their time.

Why then, do many of these talented individuals fail to achieve benefits commensurate with their knowledge? Often it is a lack of adequate promotion. In succour comes the promotional video! Such marketing is the most modern form of communication with a potential customer. So what should such a film look like? There is no single recipe for an effective promotional video; depending on the needs, type of business and customer expectations, we can distinguish between several types of marketing videos:

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Advertising video - presents the advantages and unique features of products, services or brands; encourages the viewer to take a specific action such as: purchasing a product, participating in a loyalty programme or taking advantage of a promotion.

Corporate and image - shortens the distance between the viewer and the presented company, creates a personal relationship between the two and, above all, is an effective promotional tool to strengthen the company's image and stand out from the competition.

Product video - a combination of an image film and a standard advertising spot, showing the product and all the advantages it offers to the user.

Instructional video - case studies which are used to show how products or services function or how to deal with various situations, making it easier to reach the audience's awareness and to convey the most important information in a direct and comprehensible manner.

There is no definite answer because there are lots of factors that directly influence the price. It is worth asking: how much do you gain from it?

How much does a promotional video cost?

As you can see, there are many ways to present the advantages of products and services. What is important here is the subject, the form and, above all, a well-thought-out and well-developed strategy, which, if consistently implemented, will bring long-term benefits for both the company and its customers. This is why it is so important to effectively reach the widest possible audience, which a well-crafted promotional video certainly does.

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