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The publication of an image film helps to build a brand's image and awareness in the mind of a viewer. The most important long-term business effect, will be credibility, making it easier to attract new customers and business partners.

Image productions work well on social media - Facebook, Instragram or LinkedIn. They often find their way onto the website into a relevant section such as 'About Us'. A very good solution is to insert a link in the footer of an email, which is a nice way to open conversations and presentations with customers. They are also displayed on displays on stands at trade fairs. They also make the aforementioned conferences, training courses and company events more attractive.

Is an image video neccessary?

Where to publish an image video? 

Image films, also known as a presentation or corporate films, tell the story of what the company is, what values it is guided by, present its history and the most important information about its current activities. Often the narrative focuses on the employees, their personal relationships, interspersed with anecdotes from the company's daily life - the character is positive. Such treatments are intended to shorten the distance between the potential customer, employee or contractor and the depicted company, so that the viewer acquires a personal relationship. 

What is an image film about? 


The best length of an image video

What is the best length of a image video to publish? These types of promotional videos should shorten the distance between the viewer and the company. Brand stories that are usually around 1-2 minutes long do not tire and are much more likely to be 'clicked on' rather than their longer counterparts. Many company pages post videos that are several times longer. Unless they are additional clips, e.g. video tutorials, we may consider such length as a mistake. Why? Today's internet viewer quickly gets bored and will not watch such productions to the end.
A corporate or presentation video of a few minutes length works well as an interlude at conferences or can be an important highlight of company celebrations and training sessions.
An image film does not have to be a huge production to be effective in attracting attention. For the Fungoo. company, we produced a video that told the story of sourcing the wood used to build their playgrounds. We supplemented the narrative with simple animations. 

Most companies on their websites publish image videos. Unfortunately, the form of production is often already outdated and not suitable for today's audience. The potential customer may be discouraged from watching these productions because they are usually very long, recorded with equipment whose image leaves much to be desired, and the soundtrack is tedious.  What should an image film look like that engages the viewer? What benefits can we expect from its publication?

Why is it so important?

On the website of most companies - be it an industrial plant, a workshop or a service centre - you will find a video presenting the company

What does the image film represent?

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