• What is the purpose of our advertisement? Selling your product, rebrinding or maybe the purpose is to inform about new products? 

  • Who is the target customer?

  • What benefits does your customer get?

  • How high is the budget?

  • Where your spot should be broadcasted?


How do you get the target customer of an advert interested?

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Advertisement spots

Storytelling and audiovisual forms were completely transformed. 

The digital revolution is putting in place more and more new social media into our everyday life. These new platforms allow us to broadcast video content and advertisements. Everyone knows social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Such possibilities enable us to reach bigger audiences. We have to bear in mind that the bigger the group, the bigger the variety in this group. Therefore important is to create the proper way of communication between you and your audience. The way you communicate with your followers or viewers is based on their needs and lifestyle and the platform where you broadcast your content. Such information will allow you to create a story which will reach your potential customer. 

The advertisement spot, like the majority of forms of moving images, conveys certain content in the form of a story. Consequently, it can be divided into parts - an introduction, a development and a conclusion.
Conventional television advertising often follows a pattern:


  • What is the problem that bothers the main character?

  • The advertised product or service comes to the rescue

  • The crisis is gone and the actor provides a description of the item being promoted in all superlatives. THE END

Addressing these issues will allow you to plan your future advertising thoughtfully, as all the above factors influence each other. If you want to sell skateboard bearings, the message should be aimed at young people from larger cities who are constantly on the move and whose main communication tool is a smartphone. Such knowledge allows us to determine the form and place of broadcasting - these should be dynamic short film forms, published on sites such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. On these platforms, the accepted image format is 1:1, 9:16. With this knowledge, it is easier to determine the budget. It is worth consulting with a contractor at this stage, who will present the most favourable technical and personnel solutions to make the advertising production run smoothly. In this particular case, the budget should not be high.
With this know-how in place, it is important to determine what the spot should look like and what it should be about.

Creating a story which will catch your target customer's attention is extremely hard nowadays. An average human is constantly being attacked with audiovisual content, therefore it is crucial to be prepared appropriately. We should gather all information we need about our potential customers. While writing an advertisement spot scenario, we should ask ourselves these following questions:


 Content marketing

A spot is a short advertising video shown on TV as a little break between films, TV series and so on. 

A spot encourages viewers to buy your product or to make use of your services. It clearly shows the benefits of your services. For example, long, shiny and healthy hair is achieved thanks to your new shampoo or the safety of a family in a car with brand new and secure tires. Its length is between 15 and 30 seconds. 

Nowadays this form of the promotional video serves not only for selling purposes. Marketing aims at building awareness around your brand and promoting it. Marketing also takes care of rebranding businesses. It can even influence the habits of a customer! Producing such spots has also evolved over the years. The newest technologies, the Internet and smartphones, forced us to change the way of creating such a spot. The subjects of this change are the length of a video, the way it's recorded and  broadcasted.


Nowadays, this is no longer the case. The public is constantly being assaulted by various video content, whether in the form of the aforementioned television commercials, on social media or in the form of street banners. It is incredibly difficult to interest a potential customer, let alone keep them focused, with a traditional form of storytelling. How can this be remedied? The properly conducted research is extremely important. The knowledge gained from research allows us to accurately determine the needs of the consumer, where they go most often, which websites they visit and, consequently, how to effectively reach them with your product. Additionally, it is worth remembering that a single advertising spot, even a high-budget one, with well-known actors and broadcast on every possible channel, does not guarantee the expected results. A better way is a well-thought-out campaign and the allocation of costs and preparation of video content that fits the aesthetics of a given medium. Such a strategy will avoid fruitlessly burning through the budget. So how do you sell those skateboard bearings?

What is important here are the needs of the client. However, it is worth knowing who this customer is. In the case of skateboard bearings, these are most often children and young people who are dependent on their parents. The buyer, therefore, is the adult who wants to meet the child's expectations. Such knowledge makes it possible to determine the two target groups to which an advertising spot should be directed and which ways to reach such an audience. A window to the world of young people today is provided by smartphones and laptops, which they use to browse social media. They use apps such as TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Ads on these platforms are characterised by high dynamics, flashy colours, and it should also be remembered that they are often viewed without sound. In this case, it would be advisable to create a few seconds of very dynamic video spots, in 1:1 or 9:16 format, showing the benefits of speed, for example. Adults also use social media, but not on the same scale as children. In this case, it is worth thinking about VOD services, advertisements on Youtube or a TV spot recorded in the standard 16:9 format, with information relevant to this group, e.g. reassurance about the quality of the material from which the product is made, which guarantees the safety of the child riding.

The aforementioned examples are only meant to hint at a concept. There are still forms such as film collages or video memes.
Having prepared the script, it is high time to make your dream advertisement!

There is no one and only way to create a perfect and flawless promotional video. Everyone is searching for their own Holy Grail which will provide a ready brief before the deadline.

What should we take into consideration while creating a promotional video?

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