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How to interest your client with YOUR product? The time of calling customers with a presentation of goods, or emails proposing a service, has long since passed into history. Not
This time, this post will be, quick, simple and to the point. Exactly like viral marketing. In the simplest terms, this is usually videos, memes or slogans. They should be
TikTok did not seem like a serious communication tool, its simplicity and spontaneity were reserved for children and young people, at least in its early days. Now looking at the
I can, in some way, agree that content marketing is a virtual world, but this is the reality of the e-commerce market today. Companies can't keep up with technology, which
Dlaczego zdecydowaliśmy się na Blackmagic Design? Fremont, Kalifornia – 21 marca 2022 r. – Blackmagic Design gratuluje profesjonalistom w dziedzinie produkcji i postprodukcji, których kreatywność pomogła w dostarczeniu widzom na
How to be actually seen on the Inthernet? For several years now, there has been an increasing trend towards moving businesses online. For this reason, online marketing in the broadest
Hello, Piotr Kasprzak here. I know every secret of cameras and drones. I am specialised in camera manning. I mainly work with BMPCC6KPro and Ronin RS2 gimbal. I love this

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You will learn here how to use product videos, advertising videos, spots, as well as corporate videos and music videos in e-commerce. What is content marketing, explainer video or other topics.

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